The ADHD Coaaching and Mentoring offers a variety of services. Though located in Temecula, CA, we offer our coaching services world-wide via the web.
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What is ADHD Coaching and Mentoring?

Just like a football or baseball coach, ADHD coaches offer knowledge, skills, and strategies for winning. In addition, any good coach also provides support, guidance, accountability, and the occasional loving kick in the pants so that the individual moves forward to attaining the goals he or she sets!  So what are some of the potential areas of positive outcome for you as a result of coaching? Well, you can learn new ways to solve problem, accomplish goals, and move forward in key areas, such as:

  • Work, career, and/or higher education
  • Health & well being
  • Balance & inner peace
  • Meaningful relationships
  • Organization & finance
  • Education, talents, interests, and hobbies

The ADHD coaches at the Temecula Coaching Center how have a formal understanding of how the brain works as it relates to ADHD. The also understand that ADHD does not effect everyone the same. But in general we know that ADHD presents some degree of difficulty with concentration, memory, and regulating behavior. The result is often a set of day-to-day challenges that block one's ability to function and live the life they desire. Do any of following deficiencies sound familiar to you?

  • Disorganization
  • Easily overwhelmed mentally
  • Procrastination
  • Planning & tracking time 
  • Difficulty staying on task to its completion
  • Sequencing tasks
  • Difficulty keeping a “list” of items in your memory for any length of time
  • Poor proof reading skills

You get the idea. But having acknowledged your weaknesses, you are also probably also aware that your ADHD gives you areas of STRENGTH as well.

  • Problem solving
  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Energy and passion
  • Empathy
  • Verbal abilities
  • Curiosity and a diversity of interests

We work with the individual in three areas:

  • Self-management strategies to counter and stregthen areas of challenge
  • Concrete strategies and tactics to enhance existing strengths and interests
  • A support systems to foster confidence, balance, and action.  

What we do not offer is a magic bullet, quick fixes, or empty promises. If you are willing to work hard, tolerate the occasionally stumble, and move forward with your life, we would be honored to be your coach along the way. Contact us by clicking HERE to get started.